Company close in oman

hi everyone one,
I want to ask that my company is going to close setup in oman and cancel hi employees before completing the 2 years visa , in that case is company label to compensate to employee as per omani lawa and in this sanerio how much compensation a employee can get , if some one left 10'months remaining to complete 2 years. is company give SALARY of remaining 10 months, as per law a employee can get it?
please share your knowledge

Hi W783,

Things like this do happen.

There is no fixed compensation amount to be settled to its employees, by a company which goes insolvent.

To expect a company which is already broke to pay 10-month's salaries to its employees is quite frankly, unrealistic as the company is already in the red.

Expatriate employees can take up their case with their respective embassies and also go to the Ministry of Manpower and file a case with the Oman Labour Court as well. The court will definitely give the case a fair hearing and a settlement would be arrived at.

But it could be a long drawn out process. Whether the employees can hold on, on their own, without getting any salary / income until the case is resolved is the big question.

Thank you sumitran

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