The process of packing suitcases...helpful advices needed 🙂

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all well.

I am now in the process of packing the suitcases for a few years...😉  I have never lived in a place without snow in the winter...I am a bit lost at what i should bring with me..  leaving in the middle of the winter forces me to wear some warm clothes during the forth trip..  but i was wondering about what i would need, on the long run... woolen sweaters? Warm pants? A warm blanket?

Would it be wise to bring running shoes? Or will it be too hot any way to wear them?

Im headed for Gujarat.. i have read that it is very dry, very hot in the summer... anyone can give me a hint on what the weather looks like during the year? Whens the rain season starting?

Thank you all!
All the best


Job done

😅 ok, thanks, Fred.😉

Wow! The difference of temperatures is so important between day and night during the winter!! I'll definitly bring my woolen blanket.

49 degrees, in the summer....😱

Wow, I'm used to a range of temperatures between...minus 30 and 35... i hope ill be able to adjust!

For expats coming from northern countries, how was your adjustment to your new climate??

Winter, occurring from December to March. The year's coldest months are December and January

Summer or pre-monsoon season, lasting from April to June

Monsoon or rainy season, lasting from July to September.

Post-monsoon or autumn season, lasting from October to November. In the northwest of India, October and November are usually cloudless.

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