Family visit visa

Hi all. I am thinking if bring my parents and immediate to Riyadh on a Saudi family visit visa which I believe you can extend up to a max of 6 'months. But I want to know if parents or family have to stay in kingdom during this time or if they are allowed to exit for say a weekend to Dubai or Bahrain and then come back ?

no they cannot do that,its only single entry visa

Agree, once they went out of KSA, they can't go back. They have to back to Phils from Dubai

Thank for the reply but my Mrs is from England so I assume same rules for British right. I know Canadians used to get multi entry family visa as it stated that in their website but guess us brits don't get that special treatment :)

apply for multiple 1 year or 6 month or 2 year visit visa

Didn't realise u could do that! Thanks

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