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Hi all, I wonder how common it is for Moroccan men to marry and choose to remain with parents and family rather than living alone with wife. Is this still happening much ? Why would a man choose to want this arrangement ?

My theory is they love their mother's and that the wife will learn from the mother how to look after her son properly , when I lived in Greece I found that happened quite a bit in rural areas

Thank you Liz for replying. My husband has suggested this to me but I don't want to agree to this. I want our own 'pad' ..privacy etc...this my right I hope he will be happy with my decision. I think it's more his choice rather than his parents. Am I selfish to want to be alone with him. I don't think I'm asking much  :blink:

Maybe he wants me to be taught to cook same as his mother and sisters  :lol:

Yes Lynn when I am over at their home he says to me watch how my sister in law makes tajin , bread , soup etc I remind him you are marrying a European I will cook Moroccan of course but you will also get European dishes too , lucky enough he loves his food lol

Yea I totally agree with you. As much as I can cook. It will never be like his mum/sisters. I think he would miss his family too much as they have such a strong family bond, and to be alone with me maybe difficult for him. And as his parents are getting older now he maybe thinks it a good idea all round, but they are a big family and I am used to my space own routine etc. I want my married life to be with him , not to be spent with his family.  :blink:

I have the same to look forward to his family has a very strong bond , yes it would be lovely when we are married to be on our own , but finding a compromise seems the only way like you I have been used to being independent and having my own routine , but have to accept that its not going to happen unless there is a miracle

I won't agree to something that i know will make me unhappy Liz,  I'm having to move to morocco as he is not allowed access here, so I'm giving up a lot to be with him which is fine as i love him he's my husband, but he must compromise too...

Yes I completely agree with you on that score, when are you moving? I am a strong willed woman and he knows that and I told him that when he met me he knew that being European would make his life different and being a Celtic woman we are slightly more stubborn ;)

Absolutely !'s all about comprising on both sides or it won't work...both must make each other happy..I will go the extra mile if I know he will too...he does want want what's best for me as I do him, so mutual respect is the happiness to a successful marriage. I could be in Morocco by next spring . What are your plans.. :)

That's good to hear I hope all goes well , my mum is coming to Morocco in January to meet him and his family which will be good , and then a few weeks later I will be going back for 3 months over the spring period and then we will discuss when we will get married

Oh very nice Liz. My family has not been able to meet him yet which we are both sad about but hopefully soon. If you were within easy distance we could meet up in the near future. I wish you well.

That would be lovely, how far away from agadir

How far from agadir are you

Hubbys in casa...we are hopeful to move to tangier in near future..

Maybe we could all meet half way would be cool

Absolutely Liz...will keep in touch with you through here regards lynn.. ;)

Yes will do take care

You too..Thank you or should I say Choukran Bazaf :proud

Marhba lol

Hello there, i am Morrocan and i cant see myself living with my parent after getting married . I also have many friends here in Morrocco and most of them can't tolerate the idea. But its true that in some cases newly married couples choose to live with the groom's family and this is due to several reasons such as financial ressources... but as i said in the begginning,personally i can't do it i'd rather be living in a small studio with my wife then living in a big villa with my parents,i think that wat couples need the most is family harmony.

Labas khouya and Choukran Bazaf for your comment.. it's good to hear from a moroccan man what he also wants, so I think generally most married men and women wish for their own accommodation. I am used to my own way of life in my own flat, so to go back to living with parents at my age is a big no no. I think his intentions on his behalf are good as maybe he is concerned to leave his parents etc, but I am beginning to get the feeling it's more to do with finances. Time will tell, but living with parents would never work for me...recipe for disaster 😕

Hi lyn its just culture its more like bonding want to be close to his familly just like Asian do  Also he its like dutie feeling that your husband wantt to be at least near them so he can keep eye as they are old its more of lije his presence its nice to  explain to him that you like your freedom at home too meaning do your Routine what you do on daily basics and just show Respect and undestanding asnorth african are always close as familly

Hi djame thank you for your comment. I do totally understand his reasons as you say to keep an eye and be there if needed etc, but I think most women want their own little home where they have their privacy and routine etc. He does come from a large family so we are not the only ones there to be on hand so to speak. He's now 35 so I do hope he will feel content and happy enough being away from his  noisy busy household. I know it will take a bit of getting used to..but I also know that i can't agree to doing that, I wouldn't be happy in that situation. Regards lynn

Honest i know exactly how you feel trust me ok go same situation with me when i go and stsy and see my Mum ok listen the best option 4you and your other half to be both happy and both acheive what you consider good to you 2 i sugjest that you leave in a villa ok so you got your own floor and his familly in lower or higher floor that way you got your own life and  very close to the in law hooe that will help

Smiles Politely

Lae....Lae Lae....this in.parents I know he would want to spend all his marry me ?

Thank you for.your comment I.appreciate it I

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