Impounding UK registered car whilst out of the country

Just wondered if anybody has come across this one before.

Basically, we drove to Morocco from the UK a few weeks ago and am living here for an unspecified time but I had to go back to London urgently ... or so I hoped.

I arrived at the airport, my wife dropped me off in the UK reg car and I checked in as normal. All fine until passport control when the guy said I needed a stamp for the car..?

OK so I went to the customs desk and the guy said I had to have the car impounded until I returned, handing over the keys etc - even though I explained my wife was staying and driving it a load of panic and my wife returned but they would not let her in to deal with this whilst I got on the flight ... so I missed the flight basically.

Apparently this is the Law and even though my wife was here with the car, it has to be impounded - and if she needs to go back to the UK ... the same applies. She can hire a car or get a taxi ... that was the advice given..

Now I intend to drive the car back in January, leaving my wife here and then return on the next available flight from the UK ... will I get similar issues?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated - anybody come across this before?

Hi buddy,

If you are traveling to uk and your wife is staying in morocco and wants to drive the registered uk car

You have to go to the Duane (tax office ) with all your docs including the entry doc you get given when entering.
change the name on the doc given to you when entering to your wife's name

If you live in Agadir go to the port
Go and to see a young man called adil
He speaks English
He is in a wheel chair , he really helped me when I did this

Good luck !!

Thanks for your help and comments - much appreciated

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