Switching from Work Visa to Student Visa

Hi All,

I am working in Malaysia from last 5 years with a Kuala Lumpur based company. I have also started part time Masters degree (without having any Student Pass). I had decided to shift from work visa to student visa, in order to concentrate on my Thesis.

My work visa is going to expire on 10th of Dec and problem is that my company is saying that I have to work till Mid of Dec (1 day before end of Visa). I don't want to go out of Malaysia due to my studies and I would like to switch to Student Pass. If I go out then I have to apply for VDR after going back to home country, that needs additional 1 to 2 months. Based on this I have following questions;

1) University visa unit is saying that I can apply for Student Pass on last day (although it is not a good time). My question is that is it possible to apply in such a hurry?

2) In this case do I need to apply first for Special Pass? I am assuming that as per new rules after having the special pass, one can't apply for any other visa during stay in Malaysia.

3) Any other suggestion or way out of this Issue? Can I start in parallel visa process at University?



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