Good Asian restaurants

Hello all,

I am planning out a lunch and am hankering for a different taste. Would you have any suggestions for good Asian restaurants (Chinese, Dim Sum, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc..). Location wise, it has not been decided yet but I am looking around Port Louis, Bagatelle, Ebene,  Quatre Bornes.



You can try 'House of Canton', Nexteracom Tower, Ebene

Sushi me at Hennessey park hotel

There is a Thai restaurant at shoprite also...forget the name but easy to find. Just face the food court

Hi, there is several restaurant which I think consider quite good. Chinese food- Spring restaurant (Quatre Borne), Golden Hong Kong Place (rose hill). Thai food- (  Ousa ( Shoprite)

Hello !
For Dim Sum try Royal Choice in Roches Brunes - Beau Bassin on saturday or sunday.
For general chinese food : City Orient in Port Louis
Korean :  Kimchi House also in Port Louis

Tchussss !!!


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