international schools in hoofddorp and networking


I am currently living in England and working in the IT sector of a startup. My husband is also employed in the IT sector. We are expecting a move to hoofddorp early next year.

We have 3 yr old kid who is currently with the child minder.(He does not go to nursery, instead he is placed with the child minder including his nursery hours).He will be turning 4 next Jan.I was looking for international schools in hoofddorp and i could see only gifted minds getting enlisted.

First thing,I am wondering if there are more options (international schools).

Secondly, as my son has no school hours (he is tutioned by the child minder and at home) will he be eligible to join the kg 1 or will he be admitted to nursery. (age wise ideally he should be eligible for kg1).

Third, how about the networking and standard of living in hoofddorp.

Fourth, is there a good indian community or shops?

Advance thanks for your time to read through and valuable inputs....

Hi Kanchana,

Welcome to the forum; at the top of the page is a line of tabs that provide links to other parts of the Forum; the handy tools tab will give you access to information on a wide-ranging list of subjects.

You're particularly asking about International schools; I can't be specific as when we looked, albeit many years ago now, they were very (very) expensive and in the end we used the State school system. Perhaps not a problem if your boss is paying, but the main thing about Dutch state schools is that your kid will pick up Dutch much faster than at International schools, will meet friends in the local area and you'll meet local mums who can give you advice on what's going on locally.  I just Googled what International schools are in Hoofddorp and found one here.

Hoofddorp is on the outskirts of Amsterdam and won't be cheap; you'll get more house for your money the further away from Amsterdam you are.

Not sure if I've helped much, but if you have any more specific questions, please come back.

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