Travel around southeast Asia

Hello, I'm Helen from Ghana I am on work assignment here in Manila...I have been here for h past 4months but for some strange reasons I haven't really utilized the expat group for info and I haven't mingled or networked much....
I have a Philippines work permit, if I want to travel around southeast Asia, ie: Malaysia and I still need a visa?
Thank you.

Hello Helen.

As Ghanaian citizen you can stay in Indonesia up to 30 days but you must have ticket to come back to Philippines or ticket to another destination.
For Malaysia, you need visa.
It is not connected with your Philippines work permit.

Kind regards,

Hi Edin, thanks for your quick revert. I just assumed...there's travel agreement between the countries that allows you to move around with a valid work permit.... I would get a Malaysian visa then...
I checked on Indonesia though and I didn't get any info that suggested I don't need a visa to go there....that's what pushed me to post on here....
Thank you nonetheless.

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