Where to start?

Hello everybody,

Allow me to introduce myself,
My name is Robert, 47 years old, father of 3 kids and living together with my spouse Danielle.
In a previous relationship I dated an American girl and I guess that's where I unconsciously planted a seed to move to the States some day...

After having worked for 20 years at the same company (airline business), I feel that I'm reaching a crossroad. Do I continue to work for this great company or do I pursue a career elswhere?
In my current job, I do a fair bit of travelling worldwide and that's what I absolutely love.
I love to travel and meet people from other cultures and different backgrounds than me.
But I guess, deep down, I'm bored with my job and the duty trips are merely an excuse for not leaving.
So let's say it here and make it a priority for 2017: I want to leave my current job and pursue a job in the States, in a place with a better and sunnier climate than the Netherlands (ruling Canada out, for that reason...)

Now what? Do I apply for a job:
1. at a US company in the Netherlands (with the prospect of being sent to the US soon)?
2. at a Dutch company for a job in the US?
3. at a US company for a job in the US?
BTW, there are currently no expat opportunities within my company. 

And now my biggest problem: I don't yet have a clue of what job I am looking for?
This is what I need to figure out first before I start my quest.
I love aviation and the airline industry and with 2 decades of experience that seems to be the most obvious choice.
In the past I have taken flying lessons (I hold a single engine private pilot licence) and I would also be interested in a career in General Aviation or FBO management.
Another motive to work for an airline is the opportunity to fly back to the Netherlands on a standby basis. Especially for my spouse this represents a significant criteria. And I need all the arguments I can get because she's not yet full convinced to move to the States, to put it mildly...

Anyway, this is just my 2 cents worth for now. I'll come back with more soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you all with any advice, tips, experience sharing or just a friendly talk.

Kind regards,

Most people I know buy visa worthy businesses rather than look fro employment.

Hi Shelley, I'm not quite sure if I understand what you're saying.
What do you mean by buying businesses?
How would that work in my situation?

You can start by reading the Expat Guide to the USA.
In a nutshell, you have to find an employer that is ok to sponsor a work visa (H1B, E2 Essential Employee, etc...), find a Dutch company that has offices in the US for a L1 transfer or, like shelleyfreeman suggested, start or take over a business with a substantial investment with a E2 Investor visa.
Here's a useful link to the USCIS, Temporary Workers Visas.

Networking is key. A lot of people have an updated LinkedIn account and career websites and social medias are a good source to expand your professional network.

I don't know your situation but buying a business is a common way for my expat friends to get into the US and secure a visa.

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