Termination of contract due to noise ( bar at the entrance )

The appartment is unhabitable : it's noise all the time due to the bar downstairs.
We were told that the appartment is quiet ( RE's agent auntie living in a nearby building ) is the bar will not be an annoyance, as noise  laws are respected in Malta. A few days later we discovered how things work.
Of course, the thing to do would be to announce the owner. In which case we risk kissing good bye the 2000 E deposit.
What does your experience say on this ?

Are you in Malta or Romania?

2000e deposit? wow, must be some nice apartment, or they tricked you to pay more then 1 month deposit

if you terminate contract before agreed date ofc you'll lose deposit

try also contacting rental agency and file a complain that they present you with false facts and claims, though I don't think you'll do to much good with that

good luck

Bernie : both.

It is  a very large apartment indeed . And they tricked me to pay more than 1 month deposit.
I couldn't tell you what I was thinking ( if thinking was I ).

Attention all those trying to rent in Malta : make a google search and you will interesting documents and websites.

Which area of Malta it is? Buggiba or St.Julians :D

Sliema. To make the general laugh harder.

No offence, sorry.... where these people from the noisy place go after... ? probably need accomodation close :D  :dumbom:

I guess the bar was already there when you moved in ... then you have bad cards in hands.
You can only go the official way, i.e. call the police if the noise goes on all night long, but even then the result will not be what you expect.
There are a few quiet places in Sliema, but most of them are loud and busy - that's the reason why so many people want to live there  :D

Many years ago, I lived on the edge of Plymouth, by the railway sidings. The noise was terrible and we could not sleep for several nights straight. Later we moved to the edge of Dartmoor and guess what? The silence kept us awake for several nights straight. Now we are leaving our temporary rental backing onto Bugibba Square (not known for its nocturnal silence) and are moving into a residential area, where, at first, we may actually miss the hustle and bustle here.
Most people do adapt, unless they fall within a psychological profile that cannot accept anything outside the restricted limits of their personal demands and expectations, so try and make the best rather than the worst of it.

We tried that for 2 months.
Noise from railroads happens every night at the same hour.
Anyway, this is official response :
I am informed that such matters are to be brought to the attention of a private lawyer or notary.

Short lets are licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority. On the other hand, long lets do not require a license – they are only bound by contracts. Any shortcomings in this regard are to be dealt with by a lawyer/notary.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on * for any further assistance you may require.



I found a group called Malta Tentant Support which seems interesting.

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