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Hey everyone!

I am currently in the middle of an exciting writing project based around Kyoto and it's different neighborhoods. I've visited once but it was a short day trip and I was on a train to Osaka before I had time to properly research and appreciate each of its neighborhoods.

I hope to go there in the new year, but in the meantime I would be super grateful if anybody could help me out!

If you could possibly rate out of 5 each of the districts with the criteria I give I would be SO happy! Any information would be much appreciated!

For example -

Downtown Kyoto:
Restaurant choice - 4/5
Local atmosphere - 4.3/5
Shopping - 3/5
Parks / Nature - 4/5
Peace and quiet - 3/5 (Higher score means more peaceful)
Transport links - 4/5
Sightseeing - 5/5
Cleanliness - 4/5

Here are the districts and Criteria

North Higashiyama
South Higashiyama
Downtown Kyoto
Kyoto Station
Gion Area
Northwest Kyoto

Criteria -
Restaurant choice
Local atmosphere
Parks and nature
Peace and quiet (higher score is more peaceful)
Transport links

Thank you so much!


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