Beginning For New Life in Morocco

Hi everyone,

I am Melih from Turkey. I am working as Export Customer Representative in a Turkish company for now and i am planing move to Morocco for improve myself and my career.

I have two problem regarding my plan. One of them is that i dont know French i can speak only Turkish and English. Other one is that i must find job in Morocco for good start in there. I am researching for job opportunities in net and some forums but i am not sure.

Also anybody can advise me please where should i start for my this plan? How should i follow proccess ?

Thank you

Best if you post in and SEARCH the Moroccan forums. I am sure all job related questions have been answered time and time again on almost all the forums.


Hello everyone,

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@ Melih, Welcome on board.

Reading the articles in the Work in Morocco section of the Expatriate Guide would be a good start. You will be able to gather some information.

In addition to that, you may go through the threads under the Working in Morocco category of the forum.

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Thank you Bhavna.

Why you want job in Morocco? It is a developing country and it still has its own problems. It would not be wise to come here and then search the job. Do not leave your job and place until you get a job here. You must be good in French/Arabic to get lucky in getting job in Morocco.
Please do not come just because you want to come, what will you do if there are no earnings? or you are forced to do some low pay jobs ? Decide wisely, learn languages first, find job through internet and then only leave your country.

Actually i want to establish new one life because i realy bored from this country and from my around. I want to discover new cultures, new people and i want to improve myself. Because of this i decided start in Morocco for my this plan. On the other hand Morocco seems like same culture with Turkey. Also on my new life i will not be culture shock.

By the way i need to learn new languages i know that but in my opinion if i can find a job in Morocco i can learn local language easily.

Hi Melih,

I agree with Sharukh khan in his advice of looking for a job first before leaving your actual one, and life.

Depending on you area of specialization, there are some multinational companies whose working language is english, especially in the logistics and shipping field. you can start by those and see if there are open opportunities.
Life in Morocco is becoming more and more expensive, so you better find a correctly paid job to afford you a new life with no issues.

Should you need any additional info do not hesitate to ask

Hey Melih,

Yapi Merkezi is a turkish company that is pretty well established in Morocco as they are working on our tramways there. There are a few other Turkish companies in Morocco such as BIM. I think looking at Turkish companies in Morocco would be a good way to step in because you would be working with a lot of people who speak the same language as you and you aren't thrown in to a completely new world, you still have a sense of familiarity. You could start learning the languages from there and getting more accustomed and move on to different things.

Best of luck

Thanks  a lot for your advise. This is good news for me. At least i have alternative solution for my plan now  because of you :)

Just reading your post now. Thanks good honest advice and leaving a job and finding one in morocco. I know things are tough there for locals to find a decent if that paid job that's good for them.

Hello Melih,
Came across your post and wanted to wish you the best of luck. Hope you succeeded in finding the right job for you.

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