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Dear all,

I am writing because I managed to have a really bad time with my pet cat since I arrived in Bratislava and just wanted to make sure others do not go through my experiences. Might save/prolongue some pet's lives...
So, I asked around for vets that spoke English. Some clinics kept showing up, the main ones being VetLine and Bennet. I went to vetline for 2 months and in all this time they were unable to figure out what was actually wrong with the cat - they were treating him for CKD and he actually has lymphoma (i.e. cancer) for which he was not properly treated at all. Furthermore, they managed to cheat quite a few times, asking me for money for overnight stays although I never left him overnight. It's 39 euros/night, by the way! The doctors are really busy and not always seem to know what they are doing. One was giving me too much medicine, one was doing tests that were unneccessary...anyway, really bad experience. My other pet was also there for a tooth removal and they did a really bad job on him as well. I need to have another surgery performed to correct their mistakes now.
As for Bennett, I was there once. It's not a clinic - there is no personalized attention, they do not run proper tests and do not take good care of the pets. I left mine for infusion one day and they kept him in his transport cage, unable to move of pee. They seem to keep all pets like that - I saw it - which is why I refused to let him overnight and did not return - at least VetLine has much better conditions for infusions.
In conclusion, if you have a pet who mich be sick, I advise you to find another vet  - I, myself, like better this clinic - they give special attention to their patients and you don't need to wait 2 hours just for a doctor to see it, like in VetLine - They also speak English and are nice to animals.
VetLine may be relevant but I suggest to only use it for treatment (they have non-stop services) if neccessary. They are not good with diagnose and I also did not appreciate them destroying the veins on my cat due to innability to put canulas in...

I feel sorry for you.

I had one in Vrakuna, barely speaking English but I made effort to switch in Slovak and got a very good services, saving my dog from stomach bacteria.
Going often for a period, sometimes counting partial services as I've spent a lot before.

If you are not satisfied, I recommend to change with Veto outside of the city center, where the availability is lower.

Hello everyone,

if you have any good recommendation, please feel free to recommend in the Bratislava business directory under the Veterinaries section, it could be useful to members.

Thanks in advance,

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