Buddhist retreats in Philippines

Hello All

Can someone help me out with directing in the right direction to a Buddhist retreats in Philippines, or a well known spa and sauna retreat.
If possible in or around Dipolog or Sindangan

Thanks friends.


Interesting that you asked about Buddhist retreats.  I will ask a friend of mine who is a Buddhist.  She is currently in Mindoro.  I know she goes to one in Manila and I know there's one in Bacolod and Cebu.  I'm not sure if there is one in Dipolog...but I'll find out.   I'm not in the Philippines at this time but if you find out sooner I'd like to know....I'm planning a trip there this winter.   The only Buddhist retreats I've been to are the ones in Thailand, Taiwan and Japan.

Thanks very much

Look forward to your reply

Lukas83:  I found several zen centers in Baguio, two In Manila, one in Iloilo, Davao, and North Cotabato, I know one Vipassana Retreat Center in Puerto Princesa....but didn't find any Buddhist center in all of Zamboanga del Norte.  I sent an email to my friend in Mindoro who might know if there is a center at the locations you mentioned....but she is out of the office on a field project this week...but she will let me know when she returns.   Sorry, my friend that couldn't be of more help.
Are you in Dipolog now?  Perhaps someone in Dipolog would read your message and post a reply to your inquiry.

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