Internet Options in Corozal

My wife and i are considering moving to Corozal, but it is entirely dependent on my ability to work from home via the internet.  I have seen some options out there but was wondering if anyone could give us some "on the ground" opinions.  I will need about 5mbps download speed to be able to do the work I need to.  I understand that it is going to be one of the most expensive things about living in Belize but we are willing to bite the bullet.  What would be the best option to accomplish this?  Thanks for any help.

I'm not sure what service anyone has suggested, but I used a T-Mobile HotSpot device. That seems to work pretty good. However, if your cell phone can make international calls you should be able to tether off of it. I think. Hope that tidbit helps.

belize may not be for you...

we use Smart Telephone Company Mi-Fi internet service. well for us.  Not sure about upload/download speeds but it is worth looking into.

just did a speed test....21.14 Mbps down and 9.65 up...hope this helps

Thanks a bunch, that is extremely helpful.  If you don't mind me asking, how much does your service for the SMART mifi run you each month?  Is there a limit on usage?  Thanks again for your help!

MiFi is the hotspot device. Seems to have worked well not just for me but someone else too. Or check your cell for international services

we do a pre-paid program.  7 GB is $80 BZD ( $40 USD) and they add on so we get 7.7GB and it is good for 45 days or until you want to add more.  We have both Smart and Digicel (BTL) cell phones and our reception with Smart is much better than with Digicell...but that depends on where you are located.

We used the mifi from Smart too. It was $60 US for the mifi plus data but they were running specials while we were there. We tested it from PG to Consejo and didn't have any issues. It was 4G most places we tested.

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