Travel in Romania

Hi, does anyone have any good recommendations for weekends away .....preferably that don't need a 4x4.

Also, any recommended places to stay friendly if possible.


What kind of activities are you looking for?


a bit of walking, sightseeing (though not crucial). Just a change of scenery for a couple of days. We've been to Sibiu and Cluje, before. I like photography, so somewhere to take photos would be nice.

In an ideal world somewhere dog friendly, but as we know there are lots of strays in some areas we might leave him behind.



Also, what season are you talking about? Do you have a car or would you use public transport?

If you fancy a bit of peace and quiet with plenty of opportunity for dog walking, you could try one of the Saxon villages close to Sighisoara such a Biertan, Saschiz, Crit, Viscri or so on. To be honest, you'd need a car to do it as public transport in the area isn't great. You could stay in Sighisoara too but a village might be a more interesting contrast to the other cities you've visited, for a long weekend at least.

The villages are picturesque and you can see a little of traditional life in the country, plenty of walking, some wildlife spotting (birds and deer mostly, but perhaps a bear if you're luckily), and even cycling if you don't mind it in this weather. For sightseeing, you usually have a castle or two, fortified churches, and of course you can spend half a day exploring Sighisoara. All these places (medieval Sighi and the villages) provide plenty of great photo ops, from interesting vernacular buildings to typical scenes of village life.

In the village of Saschiz there are a few guesthouses, one of which (more of a homestay, but with private separate en-suite accommodation) I'm pretty sure would be pet friendly and would also offer local food and rent cycles if you were so inclined: google 'casa de pe deal' to get their contact details.

thank you, that's great.

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