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Hello everyone. I am seeking for someone who can help me about applying a job specifically in healthcare or nursing home in netherlands. Well i wanted and still planning to move there, if I can find a job, even other than healthcare. I wanted to explore and experience the culture and one more reason is that, I miss living in europe. I hope that someone can give me advise how could it be possible.
Thanks so much. Vielen danke😊


You've not given us much to help you with; if I've understood you correctly, you're from the Philippines's, but currently living in Greece, looking to move to Holland and get a job in Healthcare (or anything else)?

At the top of the page are some links, select the "handy tools" and work your way through the articles written in there - in particular the ones about visa's.  If you already have some kind of EU residence visa, then you shouldn't have much of a problem in entering Holland.  There's a jobs section at the top of the page, have a look and see if there's anything you can do.  Healthcare workers in Holland require recognised, formal qualifications.

Last thing is language; to get a decently paid job and to be able to participate in the community, you really need to be able to speak Dutch.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck.

Hi Cynic,
I wasn't in the Philippines but I'm a filipino national. I am currently in dubai, planning to move to greece or in netherlands. I've been living in germany before but then you are right, learning the language of where i wanna move is really important and it goes hand in hand in seeking a job. This helped me alot, Thanks so much to you. I just wanna have an idea what do i need when i wanna move to netherlands if ever i decided to.

Well, I got one bit right. :)

If you don't meet one of the exemption criteria and you want to come to Holland to live and work, you'll need to take the Civic Integration exam (it tests your ability to communicate in Dutch and your knowledge of the Dutch culture); here's a link to the Dutch Government website that deals with it; you can take the exam in the country where your currently living - results take up to 8 weeks to come through.

Then you'll need to apply for a visa - the links are in the "Handy Tools" tab at the top of the page.  There are plenty of people from the Philippines's on this forum who have applied, with varying degrees of success; have a look through the Forum and try contacting one of those people; they may have some relevant advice for you.

@Cynic That's a fantastic info. Very good and I am grateful for that. I will check it out those ideas you suggested. I hope i could find more info about learning dutch. I am excited to do the learning. Thanks so much again.

I learnt the hard way; I'm married to a Dutch mum. :)

Oh great😊

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