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My name is Morgane and I have to carry out a market research for a french company to export to Qatar but I have some difficulties to obtain informations about the sail of jam in Qatar.. Could you help me? I need to know what are the stores where we can find jams (Carrefour,...) and what are the prices. If you could send me some photos of the store shelves it would be perfert!

Thank you very much !


wel im here just to help you out so gv me little details so i can help u in d exeact point..
i mean wht wil u do for jam stores cuz there are many stores... try to contact me via email plz so i wil guide u d best..

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Hello Morgane,

There are research companies who how this data already with them. For example Nelson is one organization who have many of it's clients in Qatar. If you can afford, you may contact then and discuss what's best possible for your company.

If you want to do it on your own, then you may want have very close numbers around the number of competitors in the market, what type of Jams are favorites here and which ones are most like, what's the Jam consumption of Qatar, who all are the importers/manufacturers and where are they selling it. You may also want check the financial numbers as in rates/margins etc.,


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