To find a person

Hello ! I need a help! I looking for my friend about whom i didn't hear a half year. Can anybody help me to find him or maybe somebody know how to do it?

Hi mirosha,

Welcome on board  :)

Can you please give us a few details ? Where exactly was your friend the last time you heard from him ?

What nationality ? Did you contact the Embassy ?


Hello Bhavna!
I have not much information about him aven i know him 13 years
He is algerian and i think that he or his family ( mother , sister or brothers) living in Adrar. I understood it because one time he sent me a video where they show pictures of Adrar. His name is Halim and Safi ( not sure) is his last name. He is black man 44-45 years old. He work in Desert with gas and oil. Last time i heard from him in Marsh he was at work. And I am very worry. And I dint know the way how to find him or know some news about him.
What can you say for that?
Thank you!

email, fb account, skype .. ?! dont you have any of these ?!

E-mail not answer, i dont see his name in my skype,i was tryed to find him in skype again but no way..
He is not in fb. I have 2 phones number and he had it for long time but now its says that no service

send me all of his contacts in private !! i will try to find him

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