Cocker Spaniels Need New Carers

We have two beautiful cocker spaniels, Tommy and Daisy - they are about 5 years and 6 years respectively. They have lived with our family for 5 years in Saigon and now Phnom Penh.
But, our apartment here in Phnom Penh is not really the best environment for them.
In their better interests, we want to place them with people who love and care for them and can provide a better environment than we can here.

This is nothing to do with money - it's a matter of us being sure that Tommy and Daisy will be better off in their new home.

PS: I'd happily add a photo, but can't see how to do it on this site - what's a URL?

Hi Vnstephen,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Phnom Penh classifieds under the pets section. You will be able to upload photos and interested members will contact you directly.

All the best,

Thanks Bhavna for your suggestion. We're being very selective about where our much loved dogs go, so we're not going to advertise widely, seems and appropriate forum.
Cheers, Stephen

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