Children's Clothing and Toys in Suzhou


My family (me, husband and two children - boy aged six and girl aged two) will be moving to Suzhou in February 2017 from the UK. I'm trying to plan ahead and work out what we need to ship and what we can get once we're in China. I've never been to China, but my husband has visited regularly with work.

How easy is it to obtain things like children's toys, clothes and materials such as paints, paper, general arts and crafts materials like glitter, stickers etc? I understand there are stores such as H&M - are they similar to UK stores with a large children's clothing department?

My son will be going to school - but my daughter will be with me until she's old enough to qualify for pre-school. She's currently in a nursery and is used to being around lots of other kids. Are there any expat groups where those of us with toddlers can get together and allow the kids to socialise?

Any help is much appreciated!



you will like suzhou since there are many many expats living in suzhou from 1990s to now.
so anything you need , you will find it in suzhou

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