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I am a UK national and my partner is Colombian and she lives near Medellin. We are looking to get married next year in Colombia. We are looking at a non church wedding as we are both divorced. Amongst the documents that I need translated etc is one that says I do not have any children under the age of 16 (which I don't). Why the Colombian authorities want this, I do not know but more to the point where would I obtain such a document in the UK ?
If anyone knows about such a document please can you let me know.
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IMO, perhaps somebody needs to get the Colombian immigration folks to answer the following question, since it is hard to prove a negative....

Will they accept a written statement from you affirming that you do not have such children .. such statement duly certified, notarized and translated in Colombia?

If the answer is no, consult an attorney where you are in the U.K. to find out if such a document can be obtained or created.


Thank you for your reply, I will consult a lawyer here in UK and contact Colombian Consulate in London

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