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Hi everybody. 

I will be taking up a role there in Jan 2017; office will be in PJ/Damansara area.  My wife and 3 kids will follow suit only in Q2 and schooling will be a major consideration. 

While we are weighing the option of residing in KL city itself or nearer work, the school we choose for for our kids will ultimately be determined by where we will reside.  Should we decide on KL, Taylor's has caught our eye as of now.  If PJ is our choice, then it would be Tenby.

Can anybody kindly share your thoughts on these schools, please?  Also appreciate viable alternatives if you have strong opinion about these.

Thanks in advance.

Tenby is a good school, both my kids went there. They both excelled, one is doing IB overseas, the other in a top European uni. The principal was Mr Auster (a British guy) at that time, but I heard he was leaving, he brought the school to  new level but I am not sure about who is talking over. Generally the standard of education was good, a mix of expat and local teachers, good all round syllabus with emphasis on not just academic but sports and community service.
I don't know enough about Taylors, except Taylors are big into education having a college (now university). They also own many international schools (Nexus, Garden Int, Sri Garden, Australian Int). These schools charge different fees and cross the range to top, mid and low tier international schools in Malaysia.  Whilst Taylors has the experience in education, it is a giant money making machine which is reflected in the education. Tenby has five - six schools throughout the nation but would probably be considered more mid tier and smaller and more personal. However, a year ago Government-linked private equity firm Ekuiti Nasional Bhd (Ekuinas),  bought a majority stake in Tenby which is of some concern if the schools are used to further the government's affirmative action program. A change in management could change the culture within the school. This has happened in SP Setia when the management was taken over.
You have not said which of Taylor's schools you are considering as the fees vary. Garden Int is a great school but has high fees. All of the schools have websites which you should explore.
I would suggest you make a visit to all of the schools you are considering, nothing like a wander around the corridors, a chat with staff and students (if possible).

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I had looked at the various schools' websites, distilling info like location, curriculum, facilities, fees, etc., leading up to the two schools I have provisionally shortlisted above.  The Taylor's I am referring to is the one off Jalan Pria Taman Maluri.
I had also looked up other forums which carried reviews of both schools and these were a mixed bag.  So I am trying to get as much info as I can.  But yes, agree that a visit to the schools would help and something we definitely plan to do.

Hi, my daughter goes to Taylors. PM me if you want some honest feedback.


We just moved to Malaysia and looking at schools for our 6 year old (and in the future for our 2.5 year old).  Taylor's looked quite good on the website.  Any reviews from parents who's kids are there already?

Any advice is much appreciated!


Whereabouts are you living? Is Taylor's close to you? Traffic is terrible so ideally you want to live as close to school as possible (though I'm sure you know that!!)

Please can i have your honest feedback. Email***  (Mala)

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Been searching for a primary intl school for quite sometime already and im hoping if anyone of you have/had some experiences already with regards to Taylor's KL primary education so far? I'm planning to put my 2 kids at Taylor's, turning 5 and 7 next yr, for 2018 schoolyr..

Also, I've heard a lot about Sayfol and Fairview.. i hope maybe one of u may help shed light so as to give me a better idea on which school to opt for.. what's more important for me is how well the teachers would handle and attend kids same as their age considering education, behaviour and discipline.. for Taylor's i think security will not be an issue, if from i read is really true though.. hopefully im not misktaken..

Hoping to be enlightened.. thank you!

Taylors is for high achieving kids as  a pressured Chinese environment.

It is not a highly pressurised school at all! It falls somewhere between the top tier of schools namely ISKL and Alice Smith etc and the private Malaysian schools. It has its strengths and drawbacks in the form of a decent education at a more affordable price but only Malaysian teachers in the classrooms with management all being expat. It's best to go for a visit and see how you feel about the environment and structure.

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