Finding a Job in Germany (Düsseldorf)

Hello everybody,

I am originally from Brazil, speak English, Spanish and Portuguese and I am married with a German. We used to live in Australia and I also lived in Mexico, USA before. I am a lawyer, expert in international law, international agreements and compliance. We recently just moved to Germany, Düsseldorf (my husbands city) and I am looking for a job. The only problem is that even waiting to learn the local language, I still don't speak german. Does anybody can help me with information if it is possible to find a job in Düsseldorf even not speaking german?

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What languages do you speak

Thuliswa :

What languages do you speak

The OP already answered that.  If you don't have help to offer, you need not reply.

Generally it is difficult to find a job in Germany without good German language skills.
In your field, international law, however, there might be niches where this doesn"t apply.
An Indian friend of ours found a job at an international law firm, but she had to commute from Stuttgart to Frankfurt (where they are concentrated) for it - 1.5hrs each way, which turned out to be impractical.
But if you search out the international law firms in Germany, at least you have something to start. And, who knows, there might be one in Düsseldorf with a fitting vacancy - you need luck in life as well, right?


I'm Khodabocus M. I., from and in Mauritius, and a Dr. Phil. MEng. graduate. I'm also planning to move in Germany (Either for work or study more advanced Mathematics). I suggest, you search for "English-Speaking job in 'JOB TITLE/FIELD'" on the Internet. Please, be patient, God will give you both something good.

I speak spanish, portugueses and english!

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