American/Taiwanese expats living in Casablanca 2016 - Our Report

Hello :)

So you're thinking about coming to Morocco or are here already?  Here is my take so far as an American man with my Taiwanese wife and our little baby.


+ the weather is great.  Everyday is a beautiful day so far (here for 3 months) and it hardly rains. 

+ the people are welcome.  The people are amazing.  Seriously.  Moroccans are super friendly and very inviting.  You do feel like you're part of the community.

+ the atmosphere is relaxed.  My job and everything is more laid back than the US or Taiwan.  I like it.

+ food is cheap. If you're cooking/eating at home, it can be very cheap.

+ the country is beautiful.  There's everything here - from beautiful mosques, to deserts to mountains...just beautiful


- the pollution is staggering.  We are in Casablanca and it's pollution everywhere.  That's a pity :/

- not much for little kids.  We have a baby and would love to go on play dates, or walk around parks, etc...but they're out of the way and few and far between

- you need to speak French or Darija.  If you don't speak French you are out of luck...period.  Very few people speak English, and some even don't speak French.  If you speak the local Darija then you're okay. 

- Having a Western lifestyle is as expensive as back home.  If you're living like you did back home your money will leave you quickly. 

- Things take time.  Administration/government bureaucracy takes forever.  It's a mess.  Just a mess.

- you need a car.  If you're getting a job in Morocco make sure you have a car.  You'll need it.

Any questions in particular?  Just ask below

Hi ExpatDad,

Very good report, thank you :)


Thank you for sharing that with us, ExpatDad.

I can imagine how we feel if our kid have no much places where they can play and do activities.... I'm wondering if there is any museum for child,? or club for kids? or something like that?

Would you mind to let us know, which city your aliving in exactely?

And if I may ask: what do you mean by "Having a Western lifestyle is as expensive as back home"?

Thanks again

Hi Abdel,
Youre welcome.  I can find out and look around.  I know that morocco mall has something...

Im in Casablanca.

Thanks Expatdad,

There are several places in marrakech just for kids
And more than the half in here understand and speak English, so it won't be a problem

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