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Hi everyone here... living in salalah oman....i have a question regarding our status. We are arrived here n august but until now our employer did not give the oman card. What we supposed to do? There is a fine for us! If possible how much. Please answer my queries? Thank you

Hi Diet delite 2016,

You are writing in plural - so I am guessing that you are speaking on behalf of your co-workers as well.

If you are a first-time visitor to the Sultanate, arriving on an employment visa, then it is mandatory to get your arrival formally registered within 30-days of your entry into the country.

You can get this done at any one of the twelve Civil Status Directorates established throughout the Sultanate's different governorates and regions.

For this your company PRO must accompany, you for the first time registration.

The Directorate General of Civil Status registers the particulars and details of both the citizens and the residents in the Sultanate.

If you have still not been registered, then your employer would be held accountable since employees on their own cannot go and get themselves registered. It is mandatory for the company PRO to accompany the employee.

Your employer must be well aware of the repercussions of failing to get the employees registered within the given time frame. If they are not doing it, it can only be for some deliberate reason. And that does not bode too well.

Suggest you speak with your company PRO (Omani) immediately and find out what exactly is going on. Perhaps he can shed some light.

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