My Passport is with my employer

Im new here in bahrain ans just landed a job in a hospital as a nurse.
I have waited a long time for the processing of requirements.
Now that my cpr is finished, they will only give the cpr but not the passport.
Is this legal? Is it in the labor law that passport should be with the employer? Should I demand to get my passport?
Thank you.

Employers have no right to take your passport if he doing this you can complaint against him in LMRA
Here is complete details from LMRA Link

If i will do that.. would they still going to hire me after my probation? Im fearing for retaliation. Maybe they would not treat me right.

what nationality are you?
what happens to the passports of other non-probationed employees of your nationality?
what is their response when you ask your colleagues this question?

Actually i have not started yet working due to my license on process. When i get the license then i will start working.. i dont know anyone in the hospital.. by the way im filipino. I got a message from a filipino and she said she also experienced the same. All hospitals she worked., they took her passport while on probation.. after probation she will just ask her boss or the hr and they would give..... i dont know for me.

Look these things you need to clear before joining any organization.
Now if you ask for your passport they will ask unnecessary questions.... And definitely that will effect your Job.
Try to tell them why you need passport and be honest with them i hope they cooperate with you.

Your employer has no right to keep ur passport with out it consent .  If they want to keep it tell them to give u a receipt for it

Sadly it is difficult to talk with the hr.. z i was so depresses after talking with them..

Don't worry.  It is same everywhere.  They expect u to be ur slaves.  But stay strong and don't let them keep ur passport.  Once ur residence permit is stamped take it back

zeeshanakhter2009 :

Look these things you need to clear before joining any organization.

not that easy mate. For example, if you are new to the GCC, you won't be aware that this even happens. And even if you get a verbal agreement prior to arriving that it won't happen, it doesn't mean they won't lie to you and break their word.

After doing your probation, politely ask for it back. If that doesn't work, email to make a more formal request. If this still doesn't work, contact your embassy and ask them to intervene.

Thanks a lot...

Be frank with them tell them you need ur passport to be with you ,if they dont give you then go to police they should get it within 24 hours

How many weeks did you get the medical license???

Employers cannot hold on to your passport. It belongs to the government of your country. Ask for it. If they don't give it back, seek help of the embassy of your country.

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