Study sponsorship and work

I am a Zimbabwean black man currently living in South Africa due to economic and political reasons. I received an offer to study for Bachelor in Aviation Management at Massey University in New Zealand starting Feb 2017. I have been trying to get a scholarship through many links given to me. However, most of the links require me to be a member of the common wealth countries or are specific to some line of study. I have a passion in the aviation industry. i am willing to work to supplement the costs of studies for international students which are about NZD 30 000 per annum for this program. I kindly ask anyone who can sponsor me with tuition, or accomodation, or medical insurance or anyway possible to contact me or the university. My student number is 16379999 should anyone need to follow this up. I hope that some people will be moved by God to help me not only make a study dream come true but to change everything in my life as this program will lead me to a good job.

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