Finasteride in Ho Chi Minh City

Hello, until about three months ago I had been able to find finasteride (either Propecia or Proscar) in HCMC. Then suddenly the supply dried up completely. I'm curious if anyone knows where I can pick up such a prescription. I really need it as I'm already experiencing adverse effects from not using it.


Are you taking it for male pattern baldness or enlarged prostate (BPH)?  There could be big differences in the alternatives.

Hair loss.

Sorry I can't help you much there.  Mine is all grey but I still have most of it.  Have you tried looking for Minoxidil (Rogaine)?

Its the same whatever u use it for. its just the 5mg tablets for the prostrate are many fold cheaper. just nibble a fifth every day.

I always buy in Scambodia or china, never see them here and yeh ive asked for minoxydil and finasteride. been able to get them everywhere else, even thailand, UK etc without prescription.

I was reflecting that your problem may be not regulatory but simply lack of demand in the good old fashioned capitalist sense combined with genetics.  Ever notice that almost all Vietnamese men over 50 still seem to have jet black hair while it is not hard to find hair dyes in stores and barber shops.  Yet you seldom see bald Vietnamese.  It could be that it just is too small a market to insure a steady supply of hair restoration pharmaceuticals.

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