seeking a job in Norway

Hi, I am Mohammad Jahangir Alam Bangladeshi nationality.  Right now I m working Dubai at retail industry as a senior sales associates.  I have 8 years retail sales experience at Dubai based.  My current company is apparel group which is carrying more luxurious brand. I m working one of the luxurious American brand Tommy hilfiger. I m looking job visa in Norway.  How can I get job and free visa to Norway?  If  Any body can help me please.

Free visa?  only if you are a refugee.  you should check with your company if they have an office in Norway and transfer you here.  you need to know how to speak norwegian to work in retail here.

Norway do not accept work visa from countries outside of EU agreement. The only way to work here legally is have a company apply for a work visa for you and even with that it has to be one that they cannot find someone living in Norway to do it or a multi national company

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