Possible to find what I need under mu budget?

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first time poster but has been following this thread for some time, a little bit about myself. I have been happily married a Vietnamese girl for two years and we have a lovely daughter and we are from New Zealand. 

Just wondering is it possible to find a nice 2 bedroom and two toilets apartments in HCMC or Bien Hoa City for around US$600?  (Would prefer city living where there is a lot of people and night activities)

Thanks heaps guys

Saigon or Bien Hoa? I recently moved to a condo complex in Phu My Hung in your price range, but this is probably out of your way if you have work or family to travel to in Bien Hoa. I think 2 toilets are going to be hard to find unless you find a house or large apartment.

Here are some classified listings. If you don't read Vietnamese, open in Chrome and translate. Add $US100 to $150 for utilities.
- classifieds from a previous post

nswnudge :

Would prefer city living where there is a lot of people and night activities

That does not sound like Bien Hoa to me. I went there once in the daytime. I am not a city snob, I like a charming town, but my impression was of a big sprawling town in the provinces, no tall buildings, no street trees, old bridge, in need of modernization. (apologies to Bien Hoa people if I missed the good parts! suggestions? )

Hi Gobot

Great stuff. Love it. I am gonna do some research on those sites that you provided. I guess you are right, I prefer to stay in HCMC but wife's family staying in Bien Hoa, so both OK with me. :)

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