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My wife and I are looking to relocate to Belize the Jan. of 2018. We will be traveling to Belize for a 30 day exploratory trip in Feb of 2017. We will be looking at the seaside locations as well as inland locations. We are in our late 60's and healthcare is of major importance. My wife was especially excited about a location about 30 miles inland of Placentia. She is especially interested in flowers, fruit trees and vegetation without nasty critters [if possible]. We, like many others will only have our SSN and a little VA disability and some retirement. From what we have been able see from the internet, we should be able to live comfortably but not extravagant. Any assistance in this subject will be greatly appreciated. (NO, we are NOT moving because of the elections, our candidate won. LOL) Thanks!

R.L. and Patty Carter
Abilene, Texas

Best keep that trump part to yourself when around belizeans. Healthcare in Belize is basic anything fancy like bypass is done in Merida or further north in the US or Canada. Make sure you get air ambulance insurance

Oh no! Moving to Belize with a Trump mentality??!!. That's why I'm leaving USA--so tired of that mindset. Well, it sounds as if the Belizeans won't tolerate it and that's a good thing.  If we outnumber them--it won't fester in Belize.

Wow................ I can't believe that the divisive US election diatribe has spread to an expat forum on Belize. At a time when voters struggled between the best of two evils, and  everyone had to choose their own poison (so to speak, that choice was pretty much 50/50 btw ), I hope people will remember to, without judgement be helpful to those looking to make an informed decision on life in Belize.

To say Belizeans would not accept Trump supporters because of his reported ideas of racism or misogyny, is like saying that Hillary supporters would not be accepted because of her reported tendencies to continually lie under oath and obstruct justice.

Belizeans in my experience, look for common ground to move past differences and to embrace everyone, that is, until you prove by your actions that you are unworthy.

What's interesting is people that see Trump as the problem and people that see Clinton as a problem are both looking at Belize as the solution

katzgar :

What's interesting is people that see Trump as the problem and people that see Clinton as a problem are both looking at Belize as the solution

You got that right. Overall, I am fed up with our government system. When power hungry people want to rule the US, if is time to say adios and say hello paradise.

billdoesbelieze, "Thanks" for your words. My original post was NOT intended to be my political statement. It was intended to be humorous. Obviously it was not! I do not wish to publish my political beliefs in this forum. I do not and will not apologize for my political stance. My wife and I will be coming down to explore Belize for a possible relocation early next year. We will arrive with as much information as we can obtain. Thanks to billdoesbelize and Katzgar for your clarifying comments.  I will not respond to any other political statements. Thanks!

That is so true...

Forget Trump and Hilary! ~ My husband and I res entry relocated to Belize two weeks ago and we love it! I am a Belizean by descent. My mother was born in Beliz but I lived in the U.S. most of my adult life. We chose the town of Corozal. It is a seaside town very laid back, affordable and peaceful! If you do decide to come to Belize I suggest you leave your politics U.S. in the U.S.! Immerse yourself in the culture here. Walk around meet the friendly people. Take your time and decide what area fits your budget and lifestyle. I love Corozal. We are only nine miles to the Mexican border and the town of Chetumal which has excellent state of the art affordable healthcare. There is also a Sam's Club and duty free shopping at the FREE ZONE!! Leave your cares behind and through caution to the wind! After all you only live once! I tell my husband everyday " I'M GOING TO MAKE THE REST OF MY LIFE THE BEST OF MY LIFE!! When you come to Belize if you stop in CorozL we would love to show you our beautiful peaceful town!!! 😃✌️😎!

Terrific message!  In my search for a down to earth taste of Belize, especially the Corozal area, your
Well written thoughts are appreciated.  I would love to read more about your thoughts on why Belize
Is special.  Many thanks

we have lived in the Corozal area for over a decade....things have improved so much since we first arrived it is amazing.  We have a GP doctor in Corozal Town that is excellent; our vet is US trained, has been here for many years and is excellent; our dentist is Belizean born, trained elsewhere and has a practice in Chetumal....great care and the cost is low compared to US standards and appts are timely; we use Clinica Carranza for specialists and have have state of the art care and again, appts are quite need for referrals to a specialist.  The CFZ ( commercial free zone) at the Northern border is "officially" designated as an area where goods are purchased and taken OUT of Belize...not designed for goods to be brought INTO Belize...people do and most times they are charged duty.

Thanks for the great information.  We are hearing a lot about that region. We will check it out, thanks again.

That's exactly where I'm looking to move. Will be touring area July 2017. Will stay in touch and hopefully i can get a guided tour

My comment has more to do with mindset, than election. Not a Hillary or Trump fan. Been considering Belize--way before any election. Looking for a place to retire but, not interested in running into putrid mindset.

retiring to belize is easy.  Belize is cheap enough that a SS pensioner can live there at a comfortable level. There is plenty of fishing and touring to do.  Dont have a heart attack because the golden hour isnt available in Belize.  Moving there with children and a career is a different kettle of fish.

Hi there,
I plan to be in Corozal for about a month in January. I spent some time in your City last year and it was great. I would be looking to rent for awhile in Corozal, keep your eyes and ears open if you hear of anything.  Contact: xxx I will be comming from Southern California.

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I think Billdoesbelize has a fine perspective. Belize is simply. Different.
My take is that the negativism of the press in the US has made good candidates unwilling to run for office, just like the increasing demands on police has netted poorer and poored applicants. Everyone loses.
The only thing that really works is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
And living in a backward country is always more expensive than living in the US. If you live to the same standards. The lack of expensive alternatives in poor countries makes living seem cheaper, if you live more like the natives. But one can always live cheaper in the US if you live to the standards of poor countries. Compare how long you have to work for a loaf of bread, how long you have to work for a tire, how long you have to work for a container of butane/propane.
But there is something about living among poorer people that seems to make most of us richer. It is a blessing to be able to help people who are truly poor through no fault of their own.
May this be a special season of Thanksgiving for all of us.

I'm so happy I moved to Corozal, Belize where the topic of TRUMP/Clinton doesn't even come up as a topic of conversation! As I sit with my Expat friends from different parts of the globe for breakfast or lunch all we talk about are such things as "What brought you to Belize? Where is a good place to eat or get fresh baked bread? Have you been to Chetumal? I just bought a GREAT used SUV TODAY? Should I get my phone from BTL OR SMART?? Or I got a FANTASTIC deal on my house/land!!! ~ LIFE IS TOO SHORT AND PRECIOUS to sit around worrying about Donald & Hilary just as I'm sure they are not worrying about us!! 😃😎😘!!

Hello Just Plain Tired,

I read your post about Corozal, I was in Corozal Two times. I spent Two weeks At Serenity Sands, It was very ice. Did not get to explore much, because of transportation. I will be back at the beginning of next year, would love to meet you and your husband. I will be renting a hotel in Corozal,until I locate an apartment. Would love to meet you all.

We would love to meet you as well! Just let us know when you are in Corozal and we can meet you at Miss June's Kitchen where Expats meet to share good food and great stories about their life and journey to the THE CHARMING AND PEACEFUL town of Corozal! 😃

OK, Looking forwarded to it.

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