Help! Money trapped in Vietnam bank account

A Cambodia-based  friend has some money parked in a Vietcombank current account.  She needs to transfer it to her mother, but my friend does not have sms banking set up. Nor does she have a visa debit facility.

How can my friend transfer the money? Just to add to the fun, she has sent her atm card to her mother who mistyped the pin number. Now the card is locked.

Worse, my friend suffers from poor health and would find it hard to travel back into central Vietnam to fix the problem.

Yes I know it's complicated. What to do?

If all else fails call the bank and ask them. :)

Vietcombank is known for its inflexibility, but I feel the only way is to go to the branch that it's held at. The VN banking system is a prehistoric animal that still lives in a cave.

Dunno, Col

Tyrannosaurus Rex would at least be kind enough to slay
with a single bite.   

With VN Banking it's a slow, bleeding death by a (few) thousand
bytes.  And they have the internet...      :nothappy:

Does your friend have internet banking. If they do transfer it to another account.

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