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What internet service works best for you where you are located?

I was looking at my Internet service bill, right now. I am here in Mahajanga and I pay for WIFI 129,000ar a month.or 650,000FMG    about $40 a month.   We can run 3 or 4 computers off of this Wifi connection when we are all busy and still get to watch You Tube without starts and stops---usually. Yes I have a router and a extra antenna.

I used to have Telma but I had to put in a key and if I adjusted my computer for a couple of feet I was disconnected. With Blueline I can walk all throughout the house and yard and still talk on Skype with a good connection.   

I know nothing about Orange so I would like to hear other peoples experiences.
Also how are internet connections as you travel with your smart phones outside of major and minor towns,   

I traveled with cotisse recently that has wifi and was surprised how I was able to maintain WIFI even outside of minor towns. Even in the USA when I drive to remote places WIFI also stops and a real bummer when I was looking for roads with google maps and I was on secondary and third roads and even dirt roads.

Anyone who has experience with getting sim cards at the airport and Internet service I would enjoy learning about as well as prices.

I use Orange via a USB drive purchased from them, and it does a good job, but only for my computer. If I want a connection on my phone, I have to pay for data service.

Does Orange have WIFI service.  Reason being that I have family come over and they have computers and smart phones and they can hook up to my Blueline WIFI which is unlimited service/volume. Last weekend I had 5 people hooked up to the internet by WIFI.  I believe when I bought into blue line the speed was 512 Kps- ( that's right a K --not M or G) being that they get a Sat.  connection.    Works good for me as I have a couple of computers side by side in the early morning hours.   

I have yet to look into data for smartphones, though I am curious about it since my wife has a couple of smartphones and my 12 yo kid has a i-phone ( which I think is over the top) and as for me- I still have a Motorola that I have had for 13 years and still works just fine for me and my needs at this point. 

Bet you remember some 8 years ago- dial up was still the way to go.   

Thanks for the info

Hi Alex,
No, I haven't heard of a WiFi for Orange, only Telma and Blueline.

Orange has announced a roll out of 4G. Does anyone see a big difference between
4G and 3G.
I understand you have to have a 4G phone to get 4G and there is a backwards compatibility as in a 4G gets 3G ( even 2G) but a 3 G cannot get 4G.

To be advertised as 3G, a network is required to meet a set of technical standards for speed and reliability, and must offer peak data transfer rates of at least 200 kilobits per second.

To be advertised as 4G, a network must offer peak data rates of at least 100 megabits per second for high mobility communication (users in cars, buses, etc.), and at least 1 Gigabit per second for low mobility communication (pedestrians and stationary users).

Is anyone familiar with the standards on the Big Red Island?

What is a good phone to buy and the cost?

What is internet service like for you these last several days.
My Blueline service is very slow that I' m almost unable to bring up audio.  Video is almost impossible.  I am also unable to use skype because of poor connections.
When I contact Blueline they say it is because there is a cable cut, though i was under the notion that Blueline uses satellite connection only. 
They say they do use Satellite with cable and be lucky I have a slow connection??
That is always there go to answer--" be lucky"---- for what your slow connection"
I am searching for more answers as to why? 
Anyone else out there can help connect the dots. 
What is going on with your internet service?

Also I was told all will be better in two weeks.   So I should be lucky for that.......

For some reason My blueline service is a bit better. This was on the news from
Telma Madagascar : The internet will return for Friday. Repair work is carried out according to the pre-established schedule.

My question is how are we going to ask for a reduction in out bill for a reduction in our "slow" service.
Before I ask for my reduction in my bill I am wondering about a strategy from the rest of us.  The money is not really the issue, but more to the point to keep the companies vigilant to their goods and service for their clients and future clients.

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