Norwegian assistance Request

I'm a UK resident who happened upon an online outdoor clothes shop "Stormberg." Their down jackets are great and I tried to buy one only to find they won't ship to the UK, (does everyone really hate the English? :-).
Does anyone know of a service in Norway where  I could have the jacket sent to a Norway address and then sent on to me in the UK.
Extreme? Maybe but it's a lovely jacket :-)

have you tried the Finnish or Swedish sites? Perhaps an EU site would ship to another (still) EU country?

Have you resolved your problem with the Stormberg Jacket that you wanted? Let me know I can help if needed!
With the best Reeli

Hi there. Thanks for asking but no I've not managed to sort anything out I'm afraid. :-(

I live near a Stormberg factory outlet and a Normal store. I may assists if you still need it

Hi there,
Thanks a lot for your offer of help.
I think the only way to do this would be for me to buy and pay for the jacket online, have it sent to you, and for you to send it on to me. It's a lovely jacket, the Stavsberg down jacket (Bungee cord/walnut). Lovely colours.
I'll check how much it would cost me to have it sent from Norway to the UK.
If the cost was reasonable and I paid you for the postage to send it to me is that something you would be happy doing?
I quite understand if this would be too much trouble for you.
Kind Regards,
Brian. :-)

Yep, no problem at all

Just trying to find if the postage price makes it worth buying the jacket.


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Hi again,
The most reasonable price I can find to send the jacket from Norway to the UK is between £30 and £35. I can't seem to access any Norwegian courier or parcel services.
I guess if I was going to use the courier for which I've got the price I'd need some details from you.
I'd need your name and address for which to have the jacket sent and some bank details to pay you the money to send the jacket.
An email address would be helpful to.
Now I know that people get very nervous about giving their bank account number and sort code (do Norwegian banks have sort codes? but what I would propose is that before you give me any bank details to pay you the postage money you give me just your name and address and that's where the jacket would be delivered to. Only when you have the jacket at your address would I need the details to pay you.
If you have any misgivings at all then I would quite understand, and not be offended, should you not want to go ahead.
Let me know your thoughts.

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