Bringing personal items into VN

I have some furniture and household things in Australia. I'm thinking of bringing them here as storing them will cost way more in the long run.

Has anyone shipped their personal items here from Australia,if so, what did you pay all up and did you use a local agent.

The logistic company can handle your stuff. If you provide some more information like volume of the box, weight, may I can help you more.

Hi Colinoscape,

You can contact our partners moving company :

Thanks Christine, but I would prefer a local company due to the system of customs in VN. Its not straight forward and I need someone who has a relationship here with customs.

You can try to contact Interlink. They have extremely "deep" relationship with the government and huge warehouse assets. I have been using them for a while to export stuff without giving them much paperwork because they do it themselves.

If you would like to get offer from a closer connection, which you may get cheaper offer, let me know as I might able to help.

Shipping to Vietnam ! Ha! The government/customs there will screw you. Better to buy everything there. Things are cheaper there anyway. Sell all your stuff too in Australia, as it is not worth paying storage all the years you will be in VN.

Thanks for the reply. You basically pay tax on electrical goods, thats where they hit you hard. Im looking at bringing it here as I wouldnt have time to go back to Australia to sell it and it would cost more to buy it here even if I did. As with most things in VN it comes down to finding someone who knows how everything works.

Years ago a USA friend brought a container full. After a lot of help he was able get it released from customs. Then had to lug it around for years.

For me ... I sold, loaned and donated everything.  Did bring 150 pounds of personal stuff and keepsake.  At least my son has all my tools.  I have a huge house and garden here and Wished I had brought some good tools to VN.
As for clothing ... Bring a few and buy more after you work hard and lose 8 kilo from sweating.

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