Shipping a Financed Vehicle?

June 3rd.

I'll be looking for a 3-6 months consulting job then and retire after that

2014 Toyota Prius C.  Good luck!

Ok a rundown coming soon!  I have been so busy but planned to give my full account once my items have arrived (due in port next week) because so far I have not been happy at all with the shipper I went with and wanted to wait until the end to see how it ends up before I totally trash them.  As far as my car, Puerto Rico Car Transport was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Can you tell me what shipper you used? We are using U-Pack.


It wasn't UPack, but I will refrain from commenting until all is said and done.   I will say it was one of the companies that contacted me after I filled out the moving form on this forum, so I am hesitant to say too much on the board or at least until this is over, I may discuss it via private message instead.

Understand. Sounds good.

Hi, I read yor expirience shipping a financed car to PR I was wonderind. Once your car got there, how was the process for register the car, did the bank send you the title? Also how did you proff the job part because they have asked us for that too and my husband also receives ss benefits. Im in Boston trying to move back to Aguadilla. Thank you

Probably you need to solve the issue with your bank, so that he issued the appropriate paper for the transfer of the car. A transport company or a customs broker does not care what to send. The main thing is that the cargo was paid for. The question is only in price. One of the lowest in this market can be found here. I do not see other problems

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