Shipping a Financed Vehicle?

June 3rd.

I'll be looking for a 3-6 months consulting job then and retire after that

2014 Toyota Prius C.  Good luck!

Ok a rundown coming soon!  I have been so busy but planned to give my full account once my items have arrived (due in port next week) because so far I have not been happy at all with the shipper I went with and wanted to wait until the end to see how it ends up before I totally trash them.  As far as my car, Puerto Rico Car Transport was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Can you tell me what shipper you used? We are using U-Pack.


It wasn't UPack, but I will refrain from commenting until all is said and done.   I will say it was one of the companies that contacted me after I filled out the moving form on this forum, so I am hesitant to say too much on the board or at least until this is over, I may discuss it via private message instead.

Understand. Sounds good.

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