Temporary Residency for Sef-Employed Workers

Hello everyone! I have recently decided to escape the United States and have chosen to go for Costa Rica. My goal is to become a permanent resident and I was looking to apply for a self employed temporary residency until then. So my question is, will I need to hire Costa Rican employees or can I run my business by myself with a partner also from the states? I'm also looking to begin this business in Costa Rica, is that allowed? I need some advice. Thank you

Hi. I am not sure if the "self employee" figure is accepted here. You must either have a retirement check be an investor, marry a local or have a kid born here to become a resident. Check the Immigration page for more info. I say, come, check it out, stay for a while. Here's nice but is not like it's shown on brochures. Check this link from the US embassy:

Thank you for your response!
It's called "Temporary Residency for Sef-Employed Workers"

Source: … dences.php

I'm moving to Costa Rica for the environment, stable government, and wildlife. I am not the one for brochures and tourism.

I would advise you to consult a lawyer for information on applying for this residency.
By law, you cannot physically do the work.
Have you visited Costa Rica?
Suggest you read the labor laws...

Getting a temporary special permit and which needs to be re-applied for and renewed every, year will not eventually get you Permanent residency.

My understanding is that you must hire Costa Ricans to perform physical work, unless the work requires special skills that are not locally available.

My advice would be to come here for a year and see if you like it before you even think about permanent residency.   If you don't end up staying (like so many others), the money spent will be a complete waste.  Most people around here end up "volunteering" in their own businesses on a tourist visa.  I would also advise you to rent a home and not buy anything for at least a year.

thewizz has it right. Never buy here or move here without renting here for awhile first in the area you plan to live - as close to the actual spot you will live as possible, because of micro-climates. One climate can be very different than another climate 1km or less away. Yes, really. The difference can be unbelievable.

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