Inquiry to work in Maldives

Hello, question. . . For example,what if the company cannot give you an authenticated or certified contract to be presented in POEA for registration because your salary will increase after a certain span of time. How would you be able to register in OWWA as the contract is part of the requirements???

I'm interested in applying for a job to work in maldives. I've been reading some of the threads, questions, inquiries and answers in this forum. Some were able to register and have all their documents certified in POEA and OWWA. But some also said that they will or they just went out of the country as tourist and the work visa will just be issued upon arrival in maldives.
I would like to educate myself so if ever the time comes I am aware of what to do.

Replies and guidance will be very much appreciated, Thank you!

Following this post .
Im a filipina working in muscat,oman
Since i already finished my contract here i would like to apply for a job in maldvies. But i want to know if some companies are accepting applicants through emails. Or should i need to be in maldives to apply and get the job.

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