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My boyfriend and I are flying into Phnom Phen on December 9th and would like to buy two motorcycles. Any advice on how and where to buy motorcycles would be greatly appreciated! Also wondering if we should bring helmets with us or if we can buy high quality, safe helmets there.


Hi Funlifecrisis,

Are you looking for a second hand motorcycles? As you can view ads in the buy and sell classifieds Motorbikes for sale in Phnom Penh.

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Yes, second hand would be best. Thank you for the tip!

Always buy second hand .. New motorcycles/scooters attract a lot of extra costs and there are thousands of good second hand ones.    New ones also tend to get stolen  Maybe hire one for a week or two so you get used to it and have some time to look around.     Lucky Motorcycles hire to me for $5 per day.
Helmet's ... I always buy locally.   Very good value and I have had one on in an accident and it saved my bacon. (Head actually).
I get my motorcycles through a young lady who works for us.    She has a brother that knows somebody etc etc  but the end result is that I get a good machine

Thank you for the advice!! Would you be open to connecting me with the gal that works for you or her brother? We are experienced riders and are trying to get bikes lined up before we arrive so we don't have to waste much time dealing with the matter.

We're also looking for a good hostel for a few days - any suggestions are appreciated!!

stand by    I will get contact details     How much did you want to pay for
1.....The Motorbike/scooter ...dont buy anything less than a 125
2..   what is your budget for accommodation.

It would be better if you can send me an e-mail ....*

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You are AMAZING!!! I'm looking to spend $250-$300 per bike. We'll be buying two.

As for accommodation, I booked our first night at 11 happy backpackers hostel. But will need somewhere to stay after that. Trying to keep it on the lower side, under $30 a night.

Thank you sooooo much for your help!

       I am travelling at the moment and in Japan.      Heve a look at the Edgar Alan Paw Cambodia Website.   You can contact my daughter through there.     She can steer you in the right direction



Please be careful, I too am experienced motorcycle rider, but Phnom Penh is very different , please be careful as there are no traffic laws , and ride on the back of a moto to get the hang of it , I too assumed I could ride anywhere, but it's not the case in Phnom Penh , there is a steep learning curb, oh you will get the hang of it , but on arrival it's better to ride on back for a few weeks to get to know the flow of traffic, it's a lot different ! I have a saying about moto in Phnom Penh " a school girl with two friends on the back, she's riding one handed drinking a drink, she can drive a moto better than you can or ever could" hope I'm wrong , but please check it out first, good luck ! I'm sure you will get the hang of it

Hi I see your from Oregon , ha I lived in ashland for 15 years , just moved last year to Phnom Penh , good luck be safe ,

Riding in Phnom Penh and in fact most Asian cities is an exercise in concentration.  You don't relax for a second.    In saying that I find it a very enjoyable and economical pastime.   If you are too cautious you will be a problem and if you ride like Evil Knieval then you become a statistic.  Expats on cycles in heavy traffic my pet dislike.  I am 70 years of age and hope to be holding my own with all the Moto riders in Asia for at least another 10 years     I would hire from lucky and stay away from peak hour for a while.  If you are competent you will be fine.   Make sure you get an automatic scooter.  There is enough going on without having to worry about changing gears

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I find scooters much better around the city.

riding little bikes in asia is paradise,  no road rules,   

like walking across the street,  be predictable and people can go around you

You will be considered competent if you can carry 4 people while texting and talking on the phone with a couple of bags hanging off handlebars riding against the traffic without looking at intersections and able to stare down SUV drivers in traffic. All done at about 40kph. Once out of town it is a far different story. I have an early 750 for getting around and in town it is a lot of hard work. I use one of our girls' Suzuki 125 with automatic clutch around town. Far more practical.

Thanks for the tips! I won't be in the city for more than a day and plan on only riding the moto to leave Phnom Pehn. I arrive this afternoon . Can you give any suggestions on how/where to purchase motos?

I love Ashland! Southern Oregon is quite beautiful :)

Good luck , I arrive Jan 6 staying for four months , enjoy your adventure, you got great advice! So enjoy , the weather is great here,!

Hi are you still in Phnom Penh and Looking to buy a motorbike?

I can't start to express how mad the motorcyclists are in this town. You must know by now. Be double safe! Good luck!

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