Just Newly Wed in Germany & Integrationskurs <3

Hello Everyone,
Em is here, just wanna tell you that after 1 year processing of our documents for Fiance Visa finally were married now here in Germany. just 3 weeks ago.
we were started to complete my documents in the philippines last October 2015. Including A1 , I was took the A1 exam after few months of Self-Study.I passed it with 79% ,not so bad.. oder?  :) not so difficult as ive thought before. ;)
I was in Germany 4 times with Schengen visa before i applied for Fiance Visa.
On Monday,I will start my Integrationskurs.(DAA) , Normally it takes 6 months. (i think its also depends on which city or school you are in) But they let me took an examination/evaluation test to know in which level i can start. and proudly to say, i will start in Module 3 instead of Module 1, (i think its A2.) . Integrationkurs has 6 Moduls. (A1 to B1). so for me, its a little bit shorter, just about 4 months instead of 6 :) They told me that i can start on November 28, but i decided to start earlier :) thats all .. :)

Sorry,, not so good in englisg grammar too .. Just Carabao English Hahahhaha

Hi! We got married in Malaysia. My husband is a German. The marriage process including visa and all was indeed long and stressful! I am glad to hear you get to begin from Module 3 because I had to start from Module 1 in the beginning, it was horribly slow and boring. So I decided to take a retest, and my result was that I am allow to begin from Module 4! Plus I am also currently pregnant, and I will be attending the course starting 19 December onwards.

When will you be expecting to complete your course?

Hope all is well and alles gute!


Hi Stephanie.. Yes,i was started already in my integrationskurs from Module 3, actually its just 1 week in module 3 then we started  with Module 4.  on Dec 15 the A2 Exam. then B1 (Module 5 & 6 ) .. On 2nd week of March 2017 the Final exam. B1 Exam :)

In which school will you take your course?

Hi! You're almost done! I can't wait to finish mine in April 2017, so is my baby due date then. I'm taking it at bsw Bildungswerk Wirtschaft. How about yourself?

Hi!! Im learning Deutsch in DAA :) (Deutsche Angestellen Akedemie)

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