Difference between Miami and Shanghai

Hello, dear members

This is Yanlin , I come from China, Shanghai. Nice to meet you here .
It is the second time I came to USA , with my fiancé. He is a Brazilian/American.  We are living in Miami right now .
Miami is a very beautiful city ,  the people here are very kind . Only the thing that I'm not so comfortable with myself  is I can't speak spanish, so I couldn't  communicate with them as I want.  And I know that will be the first thing in my list  to learn speaking spanish after I moving here. 
You know  the city is  completely different like I was in Shanghai,  here don't have too much people walk on the street , only the cars. So,  to go to the malls, or go to the supermarket all need to wait for my fiancé to drive me (because I don't have  drive license here )... in some way, I feel little powerless and boring,  in Shanghai, is big different,  I don't need car at all .  I go to supermarket or food market all by walking, only take 5-10minutes.  And even you want to go to downtown to meet friends , we have the public transpertation  like buses or metros take you to anywhere as you want to go , or you could call Uber/ Didi(kind of Uber) to drive you to  the distinction , very easy.
And in the other way,  in Miami , I can see the blue sky and white cloud all the time, the air is so fresh , on the contrary , in shanghai , too much high buildings block your eyes , so the sky is not so blue like here . Anyway,  I think I will love Miami very soon . I am glad to have this forum to punish my feelings and share with you . Thanks !

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