Cost of Expat Living in Angola for a US$2000 offer

Hi im Segz, 25years old, Filipino, and single. I got a job offer for a finance/accounting job in Luanda

I would like to ask about the costs of living in Angola.

My offer is US$2000 before tax plus 60,000 kwanza as allowance.
I have free accommodation/housing and transportation. Also with free medical assistance.

I am entitled to Christmas and annual holiday paid. 50% of basic salary
22 days holiday in a year

is the offer good enough for me to live and save out there? i am targeting at least $1500 as my savings.

Hi Zegurae,

I think that whether this salary is enough or not depends also on your lifestyle.

Please feel free to have a look at the other topics in the Cost of living in Angola section. You might find some relevant information about cost of living.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Priscilla is right , depends on your lifestyle. I have filipino staff working under me and they are earning the same and they do save more than 60% of their salary.

Sergie, are you?
your offer of 2000$ salary plus 60,000kwanza as financial /accountant is too small and that 50% holiday pay plus 22 days vacation is not OK.But with regards to your accommodation, hospitalization and medical/dental is OK.Only , you have to request for car, internet WiFi, and an employee who will maintain your house,clothes, and will cook for you, if u like (empregada)
You are going to Luanda, a very very expensive country, means when I say expensive, I mean it.
To set an example, a friend of mine went to a dentist for one tooth extraction, she paid 16,000kwanza.I went to opthalmologist for consultation, I paid 10,000kwanza.

For a position like you, the salary is ranging from 3500  to 4000$, but be sure. you will receive your salary in dollars.,and they must open an account for you.Its very hard to send money coz no western union here.How I send, I'll tell the next time.
I think you have to read the"the lei geral"of Luanda.
With this ,I hope I share some ideas for you.
Now, I wish you goodluck, and welcome to Luanda,soon.


Thank you very much Expatmate

I already got a job offer for the above mention. Plus payment will be made in my country.
Do you think I can live with that amount? By the way, we are group of six coming over... so we can share common expenses

hello..that's great...hope to see you in luanda with your friends...

your allowance of 60,000kwanza is like 2000per day

load for celphone 1250kwanA, if you will call Philippines is like 4 mins

6pcs of eggs is 400
Palmolive shampoo 200ml..3150kwanza
big pandesal is 85.kwanza
fresh milk 1liter is 350
coke in can is 130
1.5li of water is 170..

anyway, its only an idea I want to share..

now, I say again, welcome to Luanda soon....


I think, I can manage with that

pieces, have you been in angola?

yes,,I am in luanda,angola,


you will enjoy your work and life here...
only ,you have to manage your allowances properly....
excited??I know u are..

so.. we'll see for it... Thanks

Hello kabayan,
   There's a lot of filipino here in 🇦🇴 that there company can't able to send money to 🇵🇭. If can, always delayed. Be prepared for this circumstances. Kita kits nalang tayo sa Jembas kung andito kana.

Ow.. that's not fair...

how usual is the delay? and usually how long, kababayan?

sergie, jean,

you two are here n angola already?

I'm still here in Phils . . though my papers are in process. .

I review my job offers and stated n. by telegraph transfer daw in dollar

what do you say? Thanks very much po

its OK..its your company's depends western union here, no other companies can transfer our money..if. telegraphic , I think 7days max...base yan sa experience what I said, it all depends.....anyway, just wait and see..

WOW... very informative po. thanks a lot

I have a friend 6 mos delayed. But mostly 2-3 months. Punta kana dito malay mo yong company is on time.

    I'm here in Angola.

wow... matagal din ah,, what is your work there jean?  we'll try

jean ,

what's your work and where do you live?



in your contract, your salary is what?
dollars or kwanza?


Pieces, in Dollar I think

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