Duration for applying Visa between 2 different visa category.

Hi Everyone,
Greetings to all of you out there. I am planning to visit my wife staying in UK for Christmas and I will be applying for the Visit visa to come to UK. After that I will be coming back to India and will be applying for the EEA Permit. Is there any rules like I have to apply for Visa only after a certain period or a duration. For example, is there something like, I cant apply for EEA Permit within 3 months or 6 months duration of the previous visit? I couldn't find this information in the UK Gov website, so thought will ask if any of you faced any such problems.

Any information regarding this will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Amore,

You could try giving the Gov website a call and speaking to their customer service line about your specific question.
Let us know how you get on!

I consulted few companies listed in the GOV.UK, who help with the immigration and they said there is no such limitations.

thank you.

This is the link people need to check on Visas for the UK


You seem to have a genuine case, but my experience is that if you have a British national wife, there is a process to apply for you to get into the UK.

If you apply for a visit visa, to the home office it will appear as if you want to skip the normal procedure and once you are there on a visit visa, yo would hire a solicitor who will file a case for you to not to return back to India. This is what most Asians do but I would definitely apply for a visit visa and try to convince the visa officer that I have a job and sufficient ties to return back to India.

There is no rule that even if your visit visa application is rejected, you can not apply for another category immediately.  :)

The process for marriage to a British Citizen is that you apply for a spouse visa from your country of residence.  If your intention is to apply for a visa to reside in the UK, with your wife, then the authorities prefer it if you 'do it properly'.   From personal experience, if you don't, your application can take years to process.

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