Renting on a tourist visa?

Hi all! I'm new to expat and am currently in what looks to be a slightly protracted process of settling abroad (I'm originally from the UK).

At the moment I'm planning to spend 6 months in India and 6 months in South America, and in this way not contravene legal tourist visa restrictions. However, a friend (from a different country) who lives in India on a long term tourist visa insists that renting property on this visa is greatly problematic. They've spent their time living either in ashrams or with friends.

I'm familiar with the restrictions they have in India around foreigners *purchasing* property but am just wondering about rental restrictions as renting somewhere through something like airbnb, while extremely convenient, looks to also be excessively expensive. I'd be looking at the lower end of the rental market - a simple one bed place in a not-fancy área would do me fine, provided it's safe, there are grocery shops (even those little ones that tend to be scattered about on the sides of the roads) nearby and it's not right on the outskirts of town. But I don't need bells and whistles... Just safety, some vegetables (and chocolate) and the ability to get into to town without spending 2 hours sat in traffic ;)  (lol! yes I have been to bangalore before!)

I did look on the housing page but, as this wasn't so much a request for a property as a request for information, I hope it is ok to post here. I also checked other, older post, and didn't see this question as being asked so please forgive me if it has and I missed it. Thank you.

Beat wishes to all and thanks for the read!

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