Find a job or submit EOI first?

Hello, I'm finally pushing myself to move to NZ after years of going back and forth.  I've done a lot of research, but somehow the thing I haven't been able to find is a suggestion for the order to do things.  I'll see "find a job, find a house, get a visa, etc" but nothing to give me an idea of what order to be doing things in.  My husband and I only hit 110 points when I check our points, meaning we'd need a job offer to be selected.  (He's an immigration attorney and I'm in Human Resources.)

I recognize the catch-22 of needing a job to get a visa and needing a visa to get a job, but any advice would be helpful.  Should we submit the EOI with the lowered points and then work on getting a job?  Can we say we're in the process of getting a visa in applications if we've only submitted an EOI or do we need to have gotten an ITA?  I feel like my brain is spinning after reading everything, haha. 

Any direction you give would be great!

Hi there,

I am unable to give you any advice. Other than we were told by our immigrations adviser to first find the job.  We have been looking for a while and have not been told out rightly that the visa is a problem, but don't even get to any interview stages. Even though we would be good contenders if the job was in SA.
We have also found recruiters won't even look at your CV unless you are in NZ already. I was hoping there was a recruitment company who could help. (But also not require us to go through them for the visa, as we have an immigrations adviser already who we have paid to help us)

I would love to hear what other people have done or are doing.

You are right this all makes your head spin.

Good luck.

Hi there

I am a licensed immigration consultant and a recruitment/HR professional. I will attempt to answer your questions in a similar order.
1. if you have the 160 points (required by immigration since 12 Oct 2016) to apply for residence, submit your EOI and apply for residence. Securing the residence before you come to NZ is the best outcome to aim for.   If immigration feels that you need to first secure employment in NZ before being granted the PR, they will grant you a temporary visa for that. They will also defer making a decision on your residence application until the end of your visa period.
First step, have your points assessed by an honest and trustworthy professional before submitting your EOI is very important as a lot of people tend to give themselves points with which Immigration does not agree.  I don't normally recommend the free assessment for that as it in not as thorough or formal.

2. In most cases, 160 is not easy to achieve without a job offer/ employment in NZ which gives you 50 points. However a lot of NZ employer don't like offering a job to somebody they haven't met in person and most of them are not keen on visa sponsorship unless the position is hard to fill or when there is a local skill shortage. Therefore, having your immigration adviser assist/guide the employer for free throughout the visa application process is extremely important.

3. Only recently have NZ employers moved beyond their requirement of " the local experience" even for the hard to fill jobs. However this is not the case with jobs that require local knowledge, licence/certifications or connections. Therefore, coming to NZ on a visitor visa and spending some time in the country can be very helpful although it would most likely be expensive.

All the best in all of you

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Hala Toubia

highly unlikely you will get a job offer with those skills from offshore..HR people are not that uncommon here that they have to be imported and lawyers have to get admitted to the bar here to apply and practice which cannot be done without further study and nor can immigration advisers..they need to be licensed adn registered for the same reasons..also SA ers cannot come to NZ without visas now

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