Permanent visa and 2 years out of country.

Could anyone be kind enough to tell me if I need anything in particular to  hold onto my permanent residency in Brazil.

I was told that I need to come back every 2 years, which is fine with me.  I just wondered if I need any papers to file with the authorities.

If I do need any papers, where do I bring it to?

Is there anything I need to know in particular?

Thank you for all information in advance.

I think all you have to do is return every 2 years and keep your CIE valid. If you are under 60 it has an expiration date.

Thank you for the reply.  I am coming to the same conclusion.  After all I already have the PR and the police told me that I have to renew it every 9 years.  During that time I need to be back at least once every two years to hold on.

It's not  like there is any paper work to bring back every time I come and go through the airport, so I am coming to a conclusion that I just need to get my passport stamped. 

Anyway thank you for your advice. I will go to the Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo sometime in January and ask them too, but I think you are correct.

When you leave Brasil you will fill out a exit form then the border agent will give you a copy, just keep this copy real safe, when you come back, give this saved copy at port of entry.
That is all..  nothing more.     be sure it's under 2 years..

I have my permanent residence RNE card since 2010, so it's valid for a few more years.

I have been out of Brazil a little more than 2 years now. What happens when I try to return to Brazil using this card. Will immigration (passport control) reject me outright. Do they have exit/entry dates in their internal system or do they check the stamps in the passport?

I am thinking of renewing my passport before I enter Brazil next. Is that a plausible option to enter on a brand new passport?

You will not be able to enter Brazil on an expired card. since you have been gone more than 2 years you will have to apply again. go to the PF website to research the documents that you will need. A new passport will not necessarily get you in. I don't know what country you are from , but you will probably need a visa also.


jland912, thanks for your reply. As mentioned, the card is not expired. I believe the expiry date is in 2019 or 2020, so I still have a few years before expiry. My RNE is under my US passport, so I'd need a tourist visa if I were to enter Brasil without using the RNE. I am still curious whether they would look at their database if I were to enter next time with a brand new passport...since there would be no stamps. Any advice or experience on this?

Hi Zoloto,

As far as I know, they have everything on record, regardless of if you use a new passport.  I remember once I entered on a tourist visa with a new passport.  My old passport had a fine that I had to pay for a tourist visa overstay.  Even though I had a new passport they still had record that I needed to pay a fine. 

If your question is do they have record of your entry/exit dates on their system? the answer is yes they do. 

Only exception was when I went to Argentina via bus, and they didn't check at all as to who was leaving the country.  According to their records, I had never left the only thing that proved otherwise was the entry stamp in my passport I received from the Argentinian border control. 

The rule seems to be; if they put a stamp in your passport they have also filed it in their system.


If you enter with a new passport you will need to carry your old one . however you will not be allowed to enter on the expired CIE. I say expired because it is no longer valid since you stayed out of the country more than 2 years. you might want to go to the Brazilian consulate nearest you to get some further advice. as far as a new passport if it is not ready to expire there is no need to get a new one.  and yes you are in their database.

Hi,  I am coming brazil tomorrow. the date is 25/11/16. brazil embassy issued me viper permanent visa on family reunion base because I am married with brasilian.I am pakistani citizen. I will travel with qatar  airways. qater airways issued me (ok to board) report. there mention there on this report.
please be advised.
1- customer is still subject to security interview with local immigration, which may result in boarding denial or entry refusal.
2- all cost related to security escort. meals. return tickets and immigration fine will be allocated as per athority in Qhome in case of Inad.

please tell me. which questions can be ask.

my flight will arrive in Gru sao paulo airport at 18:00 and my next domestic flight ( Gru to maraba city ) time is 21:20

Is this enough time??
It is because. immigration security interview.

Please Help me imidiately

Best Regards,
Mr.  Mukhtar Pakistan

In most case it should be. I go through immigration and customs usually in less than an hour. If you get confused when you get there ask for help. There are always many porters around . They will help you for a tip.

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