Permanent visa and 2 years out of country.

Could anyone be kind enough to tell me if I need anything in particular to  hold onto my permanent residency in Brazil.

I was told that I need to come back every 2 years, which is fine with me.  I just wondered if I need any papers to file with the authorities.

If I do need any papers, where do I bring it to?

Is there anything I need to know in particular?

Thank you for all information in advance.

I think all you have to do is return every 2 years and keep your CIE valid. If you are under 60 it has an expiration date.

Thank you for the reply.  I am coming to the same conclusion.  After all I already have the PR and the police told me that I have to renew it every 9 years.  During that time I need to be back at least once every two years to hold on.

It's not  like there is any paper work to bring back every time I come and go through the airport, so I am coming to a conclusion that I just need to get my passport stamped. 

Anyway thank you for your advice. I will go to the Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo sometime in January and ask them too, but I think you are correct.

When you leave Brasil you will fill out a exit form then the border agent will give you a copy, just keep this copy real safe, when you come back, give this saved copy at port of entry.
That is all..  nothing more.     be sure it's under 2 years..

I have my permanent residence RNE card since 2010, so it's valid for a few more years.

I have been out of Brazil a little more than 2 years now. What happens when I try to return to Brazil using this card. Will immigration (passport control) reject me outright. Do they have exit/entry dates in their internal system or do they check the stamps in the passport?

I am thinking of renewing my passport before I enter Brazil next. Is that a plausible option to enter on a brand new passport?

You will not be able to enter Brazil on an expired card. since you have been gone more than 2 years you will have to apply again. go to the PF website to research the documents that you will need. A new passport will not necessarily get you in. I don't know what country you are from , but you will probably need a visa also.


jland912, thanks for your reply. As mentioned, the card is not expired. I believe the expiry date is in 2019 or 2020, so I still have a few years before expiry. My RNE is under my US passport, so I'd need a tourist visa if I were to enter Brasil without using the RNE. I am still curious whether they would look at their database if I were to enter next time with a brand new passport...since there would be no stamps. Any advice or experience on this?

Hi Zoloto,

As far as I know, they have everything on record, regardless of if you use a new passport.  I remember once I entered on a tourist visa with a new passport.  My old passport had a fine that I had to pay for a tourist visa overstay.  Even though I had a new passport they still had record that I needed to pay a fine. 

If your question is do they have record of your entry/exit dates on their system? the answer is yes they do. 

Only exception was when I went to Argentina via bus, and they didn't check at all as to who was leaving the country.  According to their records, I had never left the only thing that proved otherwise was the entry stamp in my passport I received from the Argentinian border control. 

The rule seems to be; if they put a stamp in your passport they have also filed it in their system.


If you enter with a new passport you will need to carry your old one . however you will not be allowed to enter on the expired CIE. I say expired because it is no longer valid since you stayed out of the country more than 2 years. you might want to go to the Brazilian consulate nearest you to get some further advice. as far as a new passport if it is not ready to expire there is no need to get a new one.  and yes you are in their database.

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In most case it should be. I go through immigration and customs usually in less than an hour. If you get confused when you get there ask for help. There are always many porters around . They will help you for a tip.

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