Setting up a trust to help farmers in Tharaka-Nithi Meru area

Hi, I am a Kenyan and I recently relocated to Tharaka-Nithi near Meru county to farm and also find ways to upscale the local community. I have been looking into possible legal setups that would be able to allow me to accept funding in order to help communities sink boreholes and establish demonstration and best farm practice plots. This would allow them to grow horticultural produce fetch a better return given the great sunlight and higher temperatures favourable with such crops.

I researched a little bit into establishing a trust for that purpose. Could anyone advise me on the best legal vehicle to use. I would also appreciate previous experiences that would help guide me on the most efficient way to go about it.

Hi Beatrice,
The best way to go about it is establishing an NGO which can be in form of a CBO(Community based Organization)
basically what this entails is;
1.    Conduct search for the name
2.    Filed forms- this should be duly filed and presented in Duplicate (originals) providing information on contact details of the proposed Organization, details of top 3 officials, the charitable objective of the organization and list of other board members.
3.    Duly filed form 1 stating the name of the contact person.
4.    Form 1 and form 3
5.    2 colored passport size photos on a white background (2*2 inches) of proposed 3 officials and other 3 board members with their names written at the back.
6.    Copy of ID/Passport and KRA PIN for the 5 proposed officials and Board members
7.    At least 1/3 of all board members be Kenyan for foreign NGOs
8.    Copy of valid police clearance ( cert of good conduct including finger prints and receipts or notarized copy of the same for non Kenyans)
9.    Constitution- signed by all officials and board members and must be submitted in duplicate.( must be signed by all the proposed board members on the execution page and by at least one of the proposed officials on each and every page.)

10.    Minutes- authorizing the filling of the application with specific agenda and resolutions to register the organization as an NGO with the board. Elections of the officials should also form part of the Agenda
11.    A processing fees
12.    Proposed one year budget.
13.    Forwarding letter.
14.    All applications must contain original signatures of members and board.
15.    All applications should be typed or filled in block letters.
Applicants are encouraged to use the prototype constitution available on the NGOs Coordination board website. Please note that constitutions that do not follow the prototype may take longer to review.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for that. It has been extremely helpful.

you are welcome.if you need any help send me a message

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