Considering to move to Placencia with a 3-year old girl

Good morning to all of you!
My husband got a job offer in Belize and we are now considering all the pros and cons of moving to Placencia. We have a 3-year old daughter and have been already living abroad for many years.
We spent many years in Asia (Maldives, Thailand, Bali) and returned to Italy (I'm Italian and my husband is Swiss) 3 years ago, then moved to Switzerland almost 2 years ago.
My husband will be working all day while I will be home and doing some free lance graphic design jobs from home.
I'd like to understand how is life there... and I have few questions :-)
- is there a good community? How hard is to make friends?
- Does anybody have any feedback about the Montessori school? How is the hospital?
- we'd like to find a nice house/apartment not too far from the school. Have you got any contacts/advice to give us?
- could I stay without a car? My husband would have one and use it for work, while I want to understand if I would need one or not...
- cost of living? taxes?

I lived for several years on a small island in the Maldives, therefore isolation doesn't scare me. I'm mainly concerned for our daughter, I want her to be happy and to grow up in a place that is safe and inspiring. I want to understand if Placencia could be it.
Any info is more than welcome.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind replies.

It would be much better if you could make a short visit to Placencia to judge some of these things for yourselves.

Thank  you for your kind reply Sittee4. My husband will be heading there next week but since it will be staying only few days, I wanted to get some extra infos and opinions...

You really need to find a way to come with him!!! I love Placencia, and the people, but I am retired as are many here. You and your family have wants and needs far different than mine. So pack your bags, and tell your hubby you are going exploring with him.😄

Thank you Aerodex for the info :-)
Unfortunately I don't think this will be possible, I'll have to trust his gut feelings and judgement.

I love raising my children in Belize. 3 of our 4 are here with us. They are 3, 4, and 14. I love it because my kids are safe, and there are so many wonderful outdoor adventures to have here. It really depends a bit on your parenting style. If you're really into your daughter having lots of structured classes/clubs/teams/groups, this may not be the best place. If you're excited by the idea of your daughter being able to "free range" play safely outside, this is a great place. Most of the children are very warm and inviting and loving. I have recently found a few structured type things in Placencia (football - not sure how young, though, Capoiera, karate, etc), but mostly it's play, wonderful play.

It has taken us a while to make friends, but I'm kinda picky and take a while to really connect to someone, so that might have something to do with it. I also live in the straight middle of nowhere, which I love, but it does have its down side.

As far as the car, I'd say move here and feel it out. You can certainly live for a while without one. We haven't had one for a year and a half, and I'm definitely wanting to change that, but again, we are really remote. You have access to a lot in Placencia, and if you're cool with the buses, you can go all kinds of places. Again, this is a personal preference thing.

Hope that helps.


Thank you Kristin for the lovely feedback!!! It is of a huge help.

From what I read... I think I'm gonna like it :-)
Our daughter is a free spirit and knowing that she could run around in a safe place is priceless...

I'm not into having her attending many structured classes... She is only 3 years old.
Currently she attends swimming classes but this is only because she loves water so much that she jumps in it whenever she sees it, regardless how deep it is... so we had to make sure she would learn to survive it :-)
She loves riding her scooter and her bike and uses her swimming board as a surf board, which is quite funny to see...

Hubby will be there from this coming Thursday to Sunday and we will have to make a final decision by the end of the month. Moving date would be March 2017.

Thank you so much again,

You're most welcome. She sounds like the kind of child that would love it here. Year round swimming!! My kids are so much more mellow and grounded here. Definitely contact us if you end up coming down. We're a 30 minute boat ride away from Placencia.

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